Vinyl Tack Boards

Durable, washable, and functional

Vipco Vinyl Tack Boards are easy to clean and provide superior pin-holding power. The superior quality ensures maximum functionality and longevity. Ideal for office, classroom, boardroom, or any environment where the board requires repeated use.

Vinyl Tack Board Features

Vipco Vinyl Tack Boards are made to high quality standards to ensure durability for all industries.

  • Vipco Vinyl Tack Boards are constructed of high quality, durable textured vinyl in a variety of colors suitable for any décor.
  • Vinyl meets ASTM E-84 Class A fire rating standard
  • Can be aluminium edged or edge wrapped
  • Easy to clean, low maintenance surface

Vipco Visual Boards – The Smart Choice

For the boardroom, classroom or office, Vipco provides a diverse range of high quality vinyl tack boards with resealing properties that deliver quality performance in frequent-use situations.

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