Speciality Display Products

Create the right custom display for your space

We have a variety of options available to create the right display to meet your design and functional requirements, including custom sizes, finishing options and accessories designed to fit your overall design needs.

Rolling Boards, Glass Finishes, Display Cases, Premium Designs & More

As experts in display products, we know that sometimes a boardroom, lunchroom, or classroom needs something a little different. We can create a custom whiteboard, bulletin board, tack board or Forbo board in a variety of formats and stylish finishes, custom crafted just for you. Reach out with your ideas to get started!

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A Variety of Display Customization Options

Elevate your whiteboard or bulletin board with a premium frame in a selection of modern design colors.

Vipco Visual Boards - Premium Vinyl Upgrade Options

Upgrade your vinyl tack board to any of our premium vinyl upgrade options in a variety of colors.

Add-on unique, custom display accessories such as map hooks, designed to elevate the look and function of your display.

Protect your whiteboard or bulletin board with custom glass cases, perfect for showcasing your display.

Other Products


Dry erase whiteboards made with leading-edge technology and quality materials for maximum durability and useability.


Vinyl Tack Boards

A variety of designs to suit your decor. Our vinyl tack boards are available in a range of sizes, styles, framing options.


Forbo Tack Boards

Forbo Tack Boards are colourful, practical, durable, and made from all natural materials.