Forbo Tack Boards

A Practical solution for sharing information

The Forbo Tack Board has bacteriostatic properties, which make it hygienic and suitable for classrooms and shared environments. Made from natural and renewable raw materials, it is both highly durable and the most sustainable choice.

Forbo Tack Board Features

The Forbo bulletin board provides flexibility in design in addition to strength.

  • Produced from natural and renewable raw materials, the board is flexible and resilient with exceptional durability and a sustainable footprint.
  • Vipco Forbo Tack Board material retains its grip with its self healing properties. It doesn’t crumble like traditional soft boards as the pinholes close after extraction of the pins due to the flexibility that characterizes the material.
  • Vipco Forbo Tack Board does not attract dust and has bacteriostatic properties, making the product a practical solution in classrooms. It’s also a hygienic solution, making it ideal for healthcare environments.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors, aesthetically pleasing and easy to fit into any décor.

Functional Finish

Bulletin Board’s exciting range of rich colours and intensities provide the product with a whole new look. The colours in the collection are eminently suitable for combining with other materials such as wood, stone or aluminium, creating a functional and decorative finished product.

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