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The Products

Vipco Visual Boards is a leading provider of quality whiteboards, vinyl tack boards, and Forbo boards. We are a proud member of the Vipco Group family of brands, which is headquartered in Calgary, AB, having served customers throughout North America with quality products and unparalleled customer service since 1971.

Vipco Visual Boards are made with the highest quality materials to ensure unsurpassed readability, durability, and magnetic capability.

For your classroom, office, boardroom, or in-home needs, Vipco Visual Boards provide the professional quality you need to communicate your message clearly for years to come.


In a Meeting

Vipco’s quality whiteboards and dry erase boards have greater colour contrast, and optimum erasability to ensure easy cleaning and no ghosting. These visual boards are ideal for clear planning and creative ideas.

In the Classroom

Classroom boards are resistant to scratches and stains, bacteria, chemicals and fire. No toxic fumes are released, making ceramic steel the preferred choice in over 8,000,000 classrooms around the globe.

In the Office

All quality magnetic whiteboards and dry erase boards can be used with dry-erase, semi-permanent, water-soluble or permanent marker, chalk, pen, or crayon, making it easy to organize your thoughts and share information.

The Company

Established in 1971, Vipco Industries’ long standing success is due to a simple strategy: provide top quality products and unparalleled customer service. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Vipco has been serving customers throughout North America for over fifty years. 

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The Vipco staff are really great people, whether it’s management, sales or a call to anyone in the office, they are all friendly and available. They genuinely care about their customers. Vipco staff always take the time to understand our needs.

Vipco Customer

The most important factors for me are the personal relationships and price competitiveness, and Vipco hits both of those points for me. That’s why we’ve been with them as long as we have.

Vipco Customer

I would say one of the big things for us is the lead-time, very quick turnaround, when we are in a bind they go above and beyond and overtime just to supply us in time. Sometimes we give specs late and they always accommodate. And pricing is also a great thing.

Vipco Customer